Saturday, October 27, 2012


WE are the leading media and theatre organisation of delhi .We are
best in making promotional videos , training videos , corporate films,
educational and infotainment film in all format of communication
,whether it is visual ,audio or live performance .
We will be please if you give us chance to make promotional or
corporate video of your esteem work place.
we also want to conduct PERFORMING ARTS WORKSHOP with a motive which
focus specially dramatic yoga, extempore speaking arts, creating &
developing stories , role of observation, improvisation and
THEATRE ARTISTE OF INDIA responds to the growing need for a provider
that truly understands, creates and executes strategic brand
experiences - be it in the realm of ground-events, corporate films or
content suited for television programming. At TA, we present clients
with world-class services which when combined with our extensive
experience, a strong focus in creative strategy and delivery, strength
in technical innovation, provide elements that set the stage for a
spectacular and memorable end-product.

A thorough understanding of your brand is key to us. Its positioning
and its objectives, achieved through total brand immersion, is an
integral phase of the initial creative process which serves to inspire
a strategy aligned with your communication goals.

Driven by a passion for perfection, we strive to achieve the best
possible results. Our experience of over-15 years brings you
specialised expertise and the strength to never lose sight of the
end-goal, helps bring your vision to life with a world class brand
experience, that is nothing short of spectacular.

We are single-minded in our proposition to break from convention and
deliver customised brand experiences that are - simply put -
unique.Our sheer years in the world of television production gives us
an advantage over others in technological innovation, a keen eye for
detail, and even distinct details like proficiency in lighting. A
background in television makes us think in visual terms first, and
then translate that to text or words. This approach helps in creating
visually spectacular products, that also suit the purpose behind them.
Besides this, television has taught us to be team players - having
worked with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds with a common
aim to simply deliver
If you are interested tell us we will provide you Proposal and budget.

thanking you
s sharma
creative director

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