Wednesday, January 9, 2013



THEATRE ARTISTE OF INDIA is launching Impact Creativity, in coming year, to sustain and grow the acclaimed theatre education programs at our theatres. Join us as we support family shows, literacy and playwriting programs, and student participation in theatre for all children and youth, mostly from disadvantaged communities, across the country.

THEATRE ARTISTE OF INDIA, believe in "Reinvesting in Arts Education", to address the crisis of creativity and workforce preparedness in INDIA & WORLD. We strive to reduce high school drop-out rates, give students more creative and collaboration skills, and help ensure that employees and children have good access to the outstanding plays and musicals performed at our theatres.

Education programs are a pillar of our theatres,

TAI is reaching out to corporations, foundations and individuals whose lives have been touched by theatre to ensure that in coming time, more children than ever before will have experienced theatre firsthand, and more employees can access theatre to improve their lives.

Please contact TA CREW at to find out how you can help

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