Sunday, April 14, 2013


A media & theatre professional working for theatre, television and other mediums of communications for more than 12 yrs. Having quality exposure in media, entertainment,education and web industry.
A theatre expert having tremendous command on Acting, Diction, Body language ,Direction, Dialogue-Delivery, characterization, Stage management, Production Coordination.
Haider abbas naqvi is active in theatre from his college days .He was president of Dramatic society of his college (Dyal singh (EVE)).He was awarded with best director in Delhi University (94-97) for his play “Poster” (shanker shesh).He got best student award for his outstanding performance. He born in Delhi and after graduation he has obtained his two years diploma in acting from Shri Ram Centre For Performing Arts & Culture, New Delhi .He believes in that the theatre has always been the most powerful media for personal growth and it is closely related  with life.
He acted in over  twenty plays under the eminent directors like Ashish Ghosh, Bapi bose, Manish Manocha,Surjit Singh, NadeemImran, Satish Anand, Hema Singh, Jagat goriala , Hussain khan,Rajesh Tripathi,  and many more.
He has been actively associated with organizing classes and workshops on Drama, Mime, Recitation, Plays ,Script writing etc.
He worked in many plays such as Hazaar chaurasi ki Maa , Mashraqui Hoor,(Parsi Art Form),Kaali Mai, Baarah so Chhabees Bata Saat, AB Garibi Hatao, Socrates, Muta shyaar, Suleman ki talwar, kafan,Raja ki khoj, kathagare mei kisan, mohabat ka number, dedh inch upaar ,KBC. Tempest,Bade bhaisaheb and many more.
Presently he is Creative and Artistic Director of THEATRE ARTISTE OF INDIA a known theatre and media organization. Theatre Artiste of India(TA) motive is to bring all theatre activist under one canopy with Enjoyment,Entertainment,Education.
Beside this he is a dedicated media sector professional with experience spanning over more than 10 years. This includes the entire spectrum of News and Current Affairs, Political and Entertainment programming, encapsulating Corporate Films, Commercial Films, Travel and Food Shows, Documentaries, Ad Films and Theatre. His strength lies in his analytical and problem solving skills, his inter-personal relationships with his teams as well as constant innovations to develop the content.
We worked with known Tv channel of India like NDTV, Sahara Samay, B.A.G Films, UTV.
He got three NT Awards for his various Programme.
Responsible for bottom line performance of operations.
Expert in all facets of Media theatre and entertainment (Operations, Programming, Marketing, Human Resource Development and Crisis Management.)Experience in handling multi-projects. A career of consistently increasing productivity and decreasing cost.

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